Our Vision

Our vision has always been to be the strongest link between farmers/miners and consumers globally..
This focus gives us an edge in helping small scale farmers owkr with us in reaching this goal.

Our Mission

To empower farmers & miners to grow quality products
To provide a reliable market and fair prices for commodity
To process the commodity to international standards
To efficiently deliver the commodity to the end market


About Us

Maloyzi Export main objective is of trading and export of commodities and merchandise domestically and in the international market.

Maloyzi Export is reliable and trustworthy export company in Nigeria. Established to the upliftment of rural products by purchasing directly from farmer.
We have wide experience of both none agricultural and agricultural farming products because we basically have farmering background thus we know the good and bad side of these products. Our skill is useful when we producing these products in our own farm and purchase those products from other farmers.

We appointed qualified and experience person in our company so we give maximum benefits of their knowledge and skill to our end user customer by quality of products and fair prices of products. This range from products like; cashew nuts, kola, ginger, sesame seeds, ijebu garri, red beans, fruits, poundo yam, cassava starch, crushed cow bones, etc. Non agricultural products include; Mica, Gallstone, Charcola etc.

Our business policy is that we purchase our agriculture products directly from farmers so we have no any requirement of intermediate so we give our products to our customer over all at low cost with good quality. We follow the international norms so we can able to give our customer to quality products with easy availability.

Our company is situated in Gujarat state which has occupied 1600 km long coastal line. In Gujarat there are many ports available so our strategic location is more useful to export any products without any delay. We shipped our shipment in timely manner so that our customer gets their products in very fast.

We take care of our entire business partner because we believe to make relation with them life time.