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Maloyzi Export increases local employment and adds value to local economies by investing in mid- and downstream agriculture processing businesses..

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At Maloyzi Export, a new space dedicated to amazing and unique Gemstones supply. We're committed in working with minners in supplying valuable stones.

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Working closely with farmers in providing agricultural commodities, thus ensuring all products are well processed with our monitoring staffs.

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We connect producers and users of grain, oilseeds, and other agricultural commodities through origination, processing, marketing and distribution.

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Lets begin working with you!we work with you in all export process

By owning and managing the supply chain from start to finish, Maloyzi Export is able to move agricultural and non-agricultural commodities between

regions, strategically matching one area’s market origination capabilities with market consumption patterns in another. Combined with the capacity to store commodities close to their point of origin for extended periods of time along with control over transport and logistics, we maximizes synergies and efficiencies at every stage of the value chain continuum.

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I would have no hesitation recommending Maloyzi Export, and in fact I will make sure I do. Your team exceeded expectations..

3Timpex (manager)

The planning and organisation of the products was detailed and professional. The feedback from internally was very positive, even from the skeptics..

Johnson Ogbonna (director)
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Our Business Practices:

By managing the supply chain from start to finish, we is able to move both agricultural and more

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Our Warehouse
Warehousing is a fundamental piece of our success story is the ability to procure commodities.

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Risk Management
our Risk policies enables us to avoid extreme damage in our products supply.

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Products Processing
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