Our Products:

Sesame Seeds
We export various quantities, depending on specification.

Cray Fish
Both Grinded and Dried Varieties of Cray Fish in all quantiy.

Buy High Quality Ginger Export Products from Maloyzi Export.

Yam (Tubers)
We supply Large quantity Tuber of Yam from Nigeria.

Cashew Nuts
From Farm Processing to Export, We take charge of It all..

Stock Fish (Dried)
Wanted Grinded to Stocked, we deliver to various location.

Plantain Chips (Deep Fried)
Our plantain chips are always delivered fresh.

Our Mica are obtained from Nassarawa and Plateau State

Manganese Ore
Our Manganese ore Mine is found in different parts of Nigeria.

Lead Ore
Depending on the purity and of the lead, our price at the loading point could vary

Copper Ore
Depending on purity of the copper ore and the prevailing London metal exchange

Zinc Ore
Our market for Zinc ore especially the overseas market in China and Others.

CEO’s message

Maloyzi Export is part of NEPC - Nigerian Export Promotion Council; a company which has for the few years has been committed to excellence and innovation. Maloyzi Export’s strength is its ability to facilitate international trade by connecting buyers and sellers in many different industries and countries. Maloyzi Export’s highly trained team of professionals, customized services & business development experience help establish trade relationships that often result in multi-year sales contracts & business relationships.

With 10 international partner-offices, Maloyzi Export has the network and the reputation to open difficult doors and convert opportunities into real business.

CEO Maloyzi Group (cm1)